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life has always been a game to me.
I never wondered what i couldn't be.
You told me, "Be whatever you please."
And i felt like i brought the world to it's knees.

That one girl with a venom tounge
A beutiful song she always sung.
Weither it shall sting, or wheither it shall
sooth, she spoke the words, velvet smooth.

Red her hair. Much like her temper,
She was so stubborn. Couldn't help her.
She liked it that way. No one else
had room to stay.

Your 2 cents never spent.
Good advice always lent.
Trust me she did, she took it to heart.
And to her brain. She grew so smart.

That one little girl, you told to be,
anything and everything she ever pleased.
Grew up strong and grew up good.
Just like you all knew she would.
My dad died on october 4th 2012. I just felt that i should tell him what he made me. i will always do what he told me. To be whatever i want.
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August 22, 2012
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