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  She was the girl with black hair and tons of eyeliner. The girl with black clothes and more piercings then i could probably count.
Her name was Amythist Gray, or so she said. She got called
'Emo bitch' and a freak every day, and she just hung her head and let her bangs cover everything.

  I wasn't majorly popular or an over-tight nerd either. I was the quiet one who liked to sit outside and draw.
I liked to think i was a good artist, and drew everything. One day in the courtyard I was doodling a girl...
She wore a pixi like dress made of the night sky. Her hair was so dark it flickered purple in the light. She looked over a
moving orb and constellations formed her background.

  A loud splat and laughter interrupted  my  steal like concentration on my goddess.
A jock had threw his sports drink all over Amythist. I guess she finally cracked...
or just lost her sanity for a few moments. Everyone was laughing and pointing.
  "I WILL CURSE ALL OF YOUR SOLES!!" She  scrame at the students, standing on top
of a marble bench, her black combat boots clunking heavily.

  I was terrified. Not about the satin's
daughter reference
, or any of that i was  scared for the girls mental health.
I quickly realized i hadn't laughed, and assumed that i wouldn't obtain the cures -- if it existed.--

  I was right.

  But the next day Amythist was gone.
. And the day after that and the day after that. I got scared. Finally i worked up the nerves to take her school work to her.

  I knocked on her door and it swung open.

  "Hello?" I called, no answer. "Hell-hello?" Yet again no answer.
"Amythist? I-i brought your home-home work." Still the house was silent.
Except for a low hum of someone talking in the next room. I walked in slowly and turned the corner to....

  A Demon more then 9 feet tall stood before me and scrame, a horrendous noise that left me crouching, clutching my hair from the force of it.
Their on her knees, arms outstretched towards the entity, chanting in Latin was Amythist.
Her black hair held a slight wave and her skin was paler then 2 percent milk.

" I TIBI DOMINANTUR!!" She yelled in Latin.
"VOS MEI CONTROLARE!" The demon was pissed but he slowed his roll for the moment being.

"It takes a strong person, to look me in the eye, and not scream Julie."
How'd she know my name?! I haven't even talked to her. "Are you worthy?"
And she whipped around to show me hell fire deep with in horrible melting pupils and irises.
I stood my ground.

"Worthy." She says with a smile. You shall make father proud." Father?
wait didn't she say 'daughter of...' OH GOD!!!

With that she pushed me into the demon and i fell into a dark bottomless pit. She moved on and ended up killing all in the small town in which i lived.
Then she swallowed a vial of her own potion and was killed, she said she must return to her father, to see if he was happy with her work.  

A lesson for all you smart ones reading my story. Don't you dare look out your window.. into the Eyes of Amythist Gray.
a short horror story that i submitted to
waiting-for-wings Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow that was really good! Especially the ending!
shelb-zee555 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
Thanks!! I really like all the creepy stuff.. and it helped me sleep at night knowing that all those other stories were from the minds of others.. that they aren't true.. some of that stuff is creepy.. but thanks!!
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